Sevket Yuruker

Sevket obtained his BSc in Mechanical Engineering in 2015 from Ozyegin University – Turkey, with his thesis focusing on optothermal characterization of LEDs. He was then admitted to University of Maryland as a graduate research assistant and completed his MSc in 2017 focusing on thermoelectric cooling of high heat flux hotspots. After working as a thermal engineer at a private aerospace company in Turkey, he joined SSTS in 2018 to pursue his PhD in Mechanical Engineering. His current research topic is modeling and experimental characterization of manifold microchannel systems for cooling of high power electronics.

Zhengda Yao

Zhengda Yao joined S2TS lab as a Ph.D. student in Mechanical Engineering in 2019 after completing his B.S. in Harbin Engineering University. In the fourth year of his Undergraduate degree, he conducted simulations based on turbulent flow.  In University of Maryland, his field is about computational fluid dynamics and experiments about additive manufacturing. Currently, he is working on topology optimizations of heart exchangers with CFD Software.  

Gargi Kailkhura

Gargi Kailkhura is currently pursuing Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering as a Graduate Research Assistant at S2ST, since Spring 2018. She works on the Design, Testing and Analysis of Composite Polymer Heat Exchangers (HX) with varied applications like for electronics and power plants cooling. Her research includes optimization of HX, performing its CFD simulations and conducting experimental testing of the HX. She is also a student member of ASME and ASHRAE. She completed her MS from Arizona State University and B.Tech. from National Institute of Technology Surat, India.

Harsimranjit Singh

Harsimranjit received his bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from PEC University of Technology, Chandigarh, India. He pursued his Master’s degree in mechanical engineering at New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark.  Before joining UMD as a doctoral student, he worked on synthesis and characterization of fuel cell cathode catalyst material. Primarily, he worked on the characterization of stability and durability of metal-free catalysts for oxygen reduction reactions in alkaline medium.  His research focus at UMD  is ultra-high flux two-phase cooling of laser diodes.

Veeresh Ayyagari

Veeresh received his Bachelors degree from SVNIT, Surat India in 2015. He worked at Larsen & Toubro, Mumbai for 2 years as a Mechanical Design Engineer. He joined University of Maryland in 2017 to pursue a masters in mechanical engineering. His master’s thesis was focused on the design of Atmospheric Water Harvesters. Veeresh joined S2TS as a Graduate Research Assistant in spring 2021 to pursue a Phd in Mechanical Engineering.  At S2TS he will be working on Thermal energy storage systems and Additive manufacturing of Composite Polymer Heat Exchangers.


Rohit Choudhary

Rohit is currently working as a Graduate Research Assistant
for the S2TS lab, in the Energy & Sustainability Data
Department as a Data Assistant. He is pursuing his Master’s
in Software Engineering from the University of Maryland. He
received his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from
Symbiosis University, India.

Ji ‘Joe’ Bae

Ji is currently pursuing his M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from UMD. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from UMD as well. He is currently working as a Graduate Research Assistant for the Project of Energy Audit on Maryland Government Buildings. Ji is also currently employed full-time 
as a Mechanical Engineer at an MEP engineering consulting firm called CMTA, which is located in Arlington, VA.

Oluwaferanmi Kolade Akinpelu

Feranmi Akinpelu is one of the students in the Energy Audit Team. He is currently pursuing M.Eng in Energy Systems Engineering from UMD. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in Petroleum & Natural Gas Engineering from Penn State University (May 2020). He is currently working as a Graduate Research Assistant for the Project of Energy Audit.

Winston Wang

Winston graduated with his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering at UMD in 2020. And he is currently pursuing his M.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering focusing on Energy and the Environment. He is currently working as a Graduate Assistant in the S2T2 lab for the Maryland Executive Order on energy saving on all Maryland state buildings and he is working directly with the Department of General Services on energy-related data.


Alexander Dessiatoun

Alexander Dessiatoun, also known as Sasha, is an undergraduate research assistant for the S2TS lab. He is currently an undergraduate student in the mechanical engineering field. His work focuses on helping graduate students with experimental test setups, research, and design implementation.


Akash Dewan

Akash has been working as a Website and Developer and Administrative Assistant with the ST2S lab since June 2020. He is currently pursuing his Masters in Advanced Engineering in Cybersecurity. He has over 3 years of work experience as an Application Security Analyst and a Systems Engineer. He is an alumni of Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, New Delhi, India where he graduated from in 2016 as a Computer Science Engineer.

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