Energy Audit: Knight Hall Building

Fabio Battaglia, Jason Kelly, Dana Savage, Dr. Farah Singer, Prof. Michael M. Ohadi, Chauncey Jenkins (Facility Management, UMD)

  • Knight Hall is a small journalism building comprising of offices, classrooms and media labs. It has a gross surface of 55,861 square feet and it was built in 2010. Although it’s a recent construction, the building offered opportunities to improve the energy efficiency.
  • The most important ECMs suggested were: adjust the thermostat temperature and for some of the AHUs, reschedule the summer occupancy, avoid external light during daytime and reduce the lighting level when and where unnecessary.
  • The implementation of these no cost ECMs would save $12,000 every year, corresponding to 7% of a building which was considered to be at the state of the art.
  • Estimated energy savings per annum: 0.61 MMBtu
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