Energy Audit: Data Centers in UMD

Fabio Battaglia, Raja Sampath, Dr. Kyosung Choo, Dr. Farah Singer, Prof. Michael M. Ohadi, Chauncey Jenkins (Facility Management, UMD)

  • Gross Square Feet (GSF) area : 7830 sq. feet
  • We are working on modeling of data centers in 6sigma, starting with AV Williams data center and Research data center. We examine the existing operational issues and identify avenues for energy savings using CFD modeling. Finally, we propose ECMs such as containment and free cooling for the data centers, wherever feasible. This could save up to $150,000.
  • No equipment has been replaced since beginning of the project. Most of the ECMs suggested and implemented so far are changes in operating conditions such as set points. However, 3 out of 6 existing Liebert Chilled water CRAC units will be replaced with 3 Liebert DSE systems which have hybrid cooling capability (DX + free cooling). In addition, hot aisle containment is going to be installed in one of the aisles. Details for these are not available with us at the moment as these are their decisions for budgetary reasons.
  • Energy Savings per annum : 4.51 MMBtu
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