The UMD ASHRAE student chapter is inviting you all to an engaging Panel on Cooling Technologies and Applications and Q&A session, with leaders from the fields of cryogenics and equipment cooling for spacecraft applications, data center cooling, and HVAC systems for laboratory environments and the vast cooling technologies spectrum. The panelists will introduce their fields of expertise, share their experiences and answer questions from our audience. Please find the panelists bios below.

The Panel will be on¬†Friday, November 8th, 2019,¬†11:30am ‚Äď 1:00pm, in the¬†AV Williams bldg, seminar room 1146.¬†Pizza and refreshments will be served!

We welcome all our students, faculty and staff of UMD. This is a great event for students who want to learn more about involvement or employment in the cooling technologies industry.

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Xiaoyi Li – NASA
Xiaoyi Li is the associate head of the Cryogenics and Fluids Branch at NASA. Her branch provides world-class expertise in the design and development of low temperature cooling systems and related technologies for spaceflight applications. Their technologies and capabilities enable cooling systems for detectors and optics, and ensure livability for subsystems or spacecraft that will experience cryogenic temperatures.
John Peterson – AECOM
John Peterson specializes in the design and technical engineering leadership for data centers and mission critical facilities. His experience and responsibilities include all aspects of mission critical systems designs and coordination for a wide variety of data center types and sizes. As one of the leaders of the mission critical business line for AECOM, he tracks and assists the application of high reliability and efficient solutions for government and commercial clients throughout the world.
Tasmia Hussain –¬†CRB
Tasmia Hussain is a mechanical engineer at CRB. Located in Rockville, MD, CRB is a design/architecture firm that designs and builds facilities in the biotech and life sciences field. She has been with the company for 3 years and is a proud graduate of UMD, Class of 2014.
Looking forward to seeing you all on Friday, Nov 8th!
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ASHRAE- UMD, Student Chapter
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